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Cascade Mountain : Trip Report

Cascade Mountain

After an early blast of winter the weather turned warmer and the snow has been gone for several weeks now. We were itching to hit the slopes so we heard the snow at Cascade was "not that bad" we drove the three hours.

Other family members went up to Wisconsin earlier and hit Granite Peak first where they just had 7" of fresh snow. No such luck fruther south at Cascade Mountain, it was manmade snow all the way. Most runs were open but the snow was pretty wet and slushy.

We dropped off our 4 year old daugher at Cascade Kids both mornings for ski lessons. She was really disappointed she couldn't snowboard like mom and dad but she was a trooper and learned to ski pretty well. After class the first day the cousins took her up on the Schoolmarm run and gave her a little more 5 on 1 attention.

The second day Lily, Mark and I spent most of the time just teaching ourselves how to do jumps. We all managed to do the small jump on the Upper Adele's run without too much trouble. We even tried the tabletop. I never got the hang of it but Lily managed to do it several times.

We then moved to Boarderland where we attemped the lower jump. We each tried it a couple times often with very amusing and sometimes painful results. Not bad considering we were twice the age of most of the other riders there.

Day 1

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We're here!
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Man-made snow but at least there's snow.
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Not quite the views you get in the Rockies.
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Ah, the bead and underwear tree.
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Katie, Kevin and Cindy.
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Mother and daughter going up the lift.
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The whole gang at the top.
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Cara and Janice back at the hotel's hot tub.
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A short video clip of the Moy family skiing and riding past Henry. (35 seconds)
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Day 2

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A foggy start to day 2.
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Lily getting ready sporting new outfit.
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Hmm, that terrain park looks easy.
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Someday we'd like to be able to do that.
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Lily gets air.
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Not my best landing.
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Lily again.
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Lily does the big jump.
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Mark gets air.
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..then re-discovers the ground.
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Let's do that again!
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Cascade Mountain 2006
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Steve Knoebel
11-Jan-2007 13:30
My family is considering the same trip at the end of February.
Can I find out where you stayed?



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