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Milwaukee County Zoo : Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Trip Report

We drove up to visit some friends who moved near Milwaukee in early March and we wanted to do something outdoors that our kids could enjoy. It was a little cold but we visited the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was a free day sponsored by some Bank but it still wasn't crouded.

Still being very cold in March the displays were very limited. The seal/sea lion show was shut down for the winter and many animals were indoors in their prison-like cages rather than outside in the slightly nicer displays.

It's a smaller zoo than I expected. I hadn't been here since I was probably around 10 years old so it seemed huge to me back then but compared to the San Diego Zoo and the Miami Metro Zoo it's really tiny.

Still, it's a nice zoo with apparently well cared for animals. It was an interesting visit even on a winter day.

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Cute Flamingo sculpture at the entrance.
Viewed: 192 times.

The Humbolt Penguin probably like the weather.
Viewed: 296 times.

Sleeping Gorilla.
Viewed: 245 times.

Another one sat in the corner.
Viewed: 207 times.

Being mooned by a Bonobo Ape.
Viewed: 385 times.

A Mandrill.
Viewed: 204 times.

Golden Lion Tamarin.
Viewed: 213 times.

Viewed: 236 times.

A Spider Monkey checks out the visitors.
Viewed: 211 times.

A couple King Penguins.
Viewed: 223 times.

Scruffy looking Waldrapp Ibis. Looks like a vulture but it's not.
Viewed: 167 times.

A White Bellied Stork is often found in huge flocks.
Viewed: 144 times.

A pair of Inca Terns fight over sardines.
Viewed: 187 times.

I think this might be a Boat-Billed Heron.
Viewed: 156 times.

It was hard to get a good picture of this Wattled Currasow through the fence.
Viewed: 168 times.

This Green Aracari is not a Toucan.
Viewed: 215 times.

A very colorful Plush Crested Jay.
Viewed: 141 times.

These were some sort of Pigeons.
Viewed: 195 times.

An American Oystercatcher.
Viewed: 152 times.

A pair of Black-necked Stilts.
Viewed: 145 times.

A pair of Snow Monkeys on Monkey Island.
Viewed: 159 times.

Another Snow Monkey which doesn't seem to mind the weather.
Viewed: 125 times.

A very furry Alpaca.
Viewed: 184 times.

Way back there is an Asiatic Black Bear.
Viewed: 181 times.

Bactrian Camel.
Viewed: 205 times.

These Wolves look just like big dogs.
Viewed: 232 times.

A colorful Peacock wanders around the park.
Viewed: 175 times.

A Giraffe in its indoor enclosure.
Viewed: 330 times.

A Rhino with a pair of huge horns.
Viewed: 314 times.

This African Elephant was in the outdoor enclosure.
Viewed: 334 times.

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Milwaukee County Zoo : Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2005
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12-Jul-2006 06:07
Just wanted to correct you when you talked about the size of the Milwaukee County Zoo compared to the San Diego Zoo. The Milwaukee County Zoo is in fact TWICE the size of the San Diego Zoo. I currently live in southern California and love the zoo in San Diego but I don't think it meets the bar that the Milwaukee County Zoo has set. We do have the wild animal park here which is nice. Too bad the zoo in Milwaukee has to be exposed to those cold winters. It would be perfect in a warmer climate.
kristine kaurich
21-Jun-2006 17:12
These are "great" pictures of the animals!!  I can see your passion for them in the way you have taken them.  I appreciate people like yourself that have a "true love" and interest in them.  I am very passionate about all these animals, and have gotten to know a lot of the aniamls keeps on a personal level!  They are great with all their animals, and have a great love for them also!  It's nice to read all the wonderful comments on your site...that so many people feel the same way as I do about these wonderful creatures.  When you walk up to look at an elephant (like Lucy or Brittany) your not just seeing an elephant, but one of God's great creations, and I wish people would stop and look to realize they are so much more than an elephant in the zoo!  Each one has their personality, and if people would just spend the time just to watch...you'd see that Lucy has a very dignified personality, and Brittany is just such a playful clown!  How many people know that Brittany really came from a circus before she was put in a zoo, and then we were lucky enough to get her in our zoo??  There are so many diffrent things we could learn just by watching, not just the elephants, but Lips and Thomas in the primate building, along with Cassius, (our silver back gorilla) only can be put in with a female we have, Femelle!  He seems to only get along with her since he's come to our zoo.  No I don't work at the zoo, but I do know a lot about each of the animals.  I am disabled and spend as much time there with my family as possible!  We love it there, it's like our second home.  We try to go about 3 times a week, or what ever my health permits.  But, we do take the time to also get to know the keepers of these animals, and have found, you couldn't find a "GREATER" bunch of people!  If you have a need for knowledge on any of the animals, they are always more than willing to stop, (if they are not too busy at the time) to tell you all about the animal your questioning about...you'll see just how passionate they too are about the animals.  I thank all of you that have written in on this page an expressed how wonderful our zoo really is!  There is a lot of ignorant people out there, that have in the past made some pretty dumb comments without knowing the facts first!!!  If you want the truth, don't always take what the media say's as gospel, sometimes they just do not get the info right trying to be the first to get the news out!!!  Take the time to call, and ask.  You'll feel a lot better once you know the truth!  Thanks for giving me this chance to give my feeelings and maybe have helped some one really understand what the Milwaukee county zoo is really about...God bess!
Jill O'Connell
01-Jun-2006 20:12
I fell in love all over again with this zoo.  The people who work there are extremely informed about the park, the animals, and you can tell they all love their jobs.  The volunteers are such helpful people, and the animals are all healthy and beautiful.  This is a great zoo!
07-Apr-2006 08:02
YO, THis place looks off the hook!!!!!!!!!!
03-Jan-2006 21:44
How come you have all those nice photos of the animals, and none of your nice friends with whom you went to the zoo? :-)
Wendy Rupnow
17-Jun-2005 21:56
I love the milwaukee zoo,especially the big cats.I have been to alot of zoo's,but you are the best zoo ever.I try to get there to see it as much as I can.I guess I'm just a big kid at heart.Keep up the great work.
26-Apr-2005 15:44
You have great animals! I'll always want to go!
20-Apr-2005 16:52
nice pictures....i have been a zoo volenteer for the past few years.  there is always something new and exciting going on there.

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