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Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida: Trip Report
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Piggy backing on my wife's business trip we took the kids aged 1 and 3 down to Disney World for the first (and almost definitely not last) time. We were concerned they were going to be too young to appreciate it. That was certainly the case for the 1 year old but the 3 year old loved it. A lot of the rides are geared towards older kids but there is still plenty to do for the little ones, especially at the Magic Kingdom.

We also have pictures from our more recent visit on-line.

Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom
Big rats, dogs walking dogs, blondes running the place, etc. What's with this place? Disney definitely knows what little girls like.
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Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney Animal Kingdom
Ok, seemed like a good idea, a clean Disney-ized zoo. But where are the animals? Unfortunately the outer bands of Hurricane Rita cut our day short.
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Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida 2005
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ruben viramontes
03-Sep-2006 02:22
relly good review of your experience
i designed a lot of animal kingdom, i enjoyed your page!!
look at my designs, i am retired now. please show my work to friends.
maybe someone you know would like  original art or jewelry by former disney imagineer artist.payment can be made with pay pal, i can arrange that for my clients.
imagineers never die, we just keep imagining.

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