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Innsbruck, Austria : Trip Report
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Current weather in Innsbruck, Austria:

Finally our long anticipated trip to Innsbruck, Austria for a week of snowboarding and sightseeing. We booked our trip with Marlen Kruse from Ski Europe. I had tried to plan the trip on my own but was getting frustrated with most of the information being available in German only. Ski Europe made the planning painless by making great recommendations based on our activity and budget requirements. We choose Austria because it is the cheapest place to ski the Alps and Innsbruck because most of us wanted to do non-ski stuff at least part of the time. In the end we even had a couple non-skiers join our group and they found ways to entertain themselves, although that usually required a bus ride at least a couple hours.

One thing that concerned us quite a bit shortly before the trip was the weather during our trip in early February. We heard that the previous December they got the most snow in 30 years but the following month in January they had the warmest January in over 100 years. It was getting to 50+ degrees regularly in the city of Innsbruck. Once there we talked to the Ski Europe representative at our hotel and she recommended sticking to Stubai Glacier as they always have good snow. Other mountains had snow but they were quite icy. She also informed us that snow was expected in the middle of the week and that we should consider getting our sight seeing out of the way at the front of our trip instead of at the end like we had originally planned.

Around Innsbruck

Around Innsbruck
We stayed in the city of Innsbruck, Austria at a hotel called the Grauer Bär.
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Side Trip to Salzburg

Side Trip to Salzburg 
Our first full day in Austria we took a day trip to Salzburg and prayed for snow later in the week. Salzburg was a very nice city famous for a variety of reasons including being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
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Side Trip to Venice

Side Trip to Venice 
The second day of touring took us 5 hours by bus to Venice, Italy. We left before dawn and spent a good part of the day touring this famous city. It would have been a lot better if it wasn't so bitterly cold!
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Snowboarding Stubai Glacier

Snowboarding Stubai Glacier
Finally we did what we came all this way for. We snowboarded and skied Stubai Glacier. Even though it was 50 degrees in Innsbruck there was plenty of great snow at 10,500 feet.
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Beyond Innsbruck

Beyond Innsbruck
This is sort of a catch-all page for other stuff we did in the Innsbruck area. Most of these things I didn't do myself so the pictures were taken by the others in the group. Here you'll see the Hofburg Imperial Palace and Swarovski Factory.
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Reference Library

Reference Library
For your convenience I put information about all the books and web sites we used to plan our travel in one place.
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Around Innsbruck Side Trip to Salzburg Side Trip to Venice Snowboarding Stubai Glacier
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