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Sea Fever & Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas : Trip Report
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After our great experience on the Sun Dancer II the previous year we were looking forward to another liveaboard as soon as possible. This time we talked several friends into joining us. As the cost of the trip was a greater consideration this time we eventually decided that a trip departing out of Miami on the Sea Fever would be the best deal.

There is a great site with a lot of additional information about the Cay Sal Bank at http://www.bootkeyharbor.com/CaySalInfo.htm.

Bahamas Islands Map

Aboard The Sea Fever

Aboard The Sea Fever
We spent a week aboard the Sea Fever, the longest running liveaboard in the Bahamas and one of the oldest anywhere. That means they have experience running a boat like this but it also means the boat is older than most.
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The Diving

The Diving Diving
The real purpose of this trip was diving the pristine Cay Sal Bank region of the Bahamas. Being remote and uninhabited certainly has it's advantages.
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Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions
During the course of the trip we had a couple opportunities to get off the boat and enjoy some solid ground. We made a couple stops on the islands in the Cay Sal Bank to check out the old Lighthouse on Elbow Key as well as a quick out of water experience in Muertos Cay. On the way back we had a little over an hour to walk around Bimini.
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Around Miami

Around Miami
After the trip we "decompressed" in the Miami Area. These are just a couple of the highlights.
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Reference Library

Reference Library
For your convenience I put information about all the books and web sites we used to plan our travel in one place.
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Comments From People Like You!
Sea Fever & Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas 2001
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Bill Boggess
05-Mar-2008 04:53
We boarded M/V Sea Fever in Miami Beach five days following Hurricane Andrew on September 29, 1992, cleared at damaged Bimmini, stayed the night at Cat Cay where Capt Tom, the then boat owner, delivered some supplies to the island which took a direct blow devastating the island, which had one couple stay during storm, Dr Myers & wife. The week long trip was the most exciting trip I ever made.

Bill Boggess, Naples, FL
Jamie Herron
24-Jul-2007 12:45
Is it legal to make trips from the middle keys to Cay Sal without first clearing customs in Bimini??
27-Mar-2006 21:51
I am doing a essay for my SCUBA class and I was given the assignment of finding out who built and designed the Cay Sal Bank Lighthouse at Elbow Cay.  If any of you have any informantion regarding this I would greatly appriciate it, if it is from personal knowledge or another website that I haven't located yet.  Thank you.  You can e-mail me at ideblake@gmail.com
12-Mar-2006 16:59
I thoroughly enjoyed you sharing your trip!  Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to visit it myself, maybe I won't.  Regardless, you gave me an hour or so of absolute pleasure reading about your trip and thinking about the possibilities in the future!  Thank you!  
Capt. Charles Lusterman
18-Dec-2005 22:18
Only those that would spoil a God given  beautiful  place, would tell others to "stay away" Wake up and smell the coffee!
Observant One
30-Jan-2005 20:10
How pious the two comments about "take it off." You are kind enough to share some great insights and beautiful pictures from your trips, and get this "Now that I'm here lock the door" garbage. I can only assume those two haven't been anywhere else as a result of a "tip." And... I've yet to meet the people who go out of their way to take a trip to see something wonderful and then decide to trash it.
Captain Tom
21-Jan-2005 08:22
Really i understand that you sometimes get excited about seeing places like this. But I also think that it should be taken off. Too many people bring too many people and the word gets out about a place like this and it gets over populated, over fished, and reef destruction results from ignorant people. And you've got directions listed? I have been fishing the bank for decades and still have only told a handful of people. Think first. - CT
05-Jul-2004 09:52
Take CaySal off your site. People like you whore out information and too many people go there and ruin the environment. The one last treasures accesable from the keys. Take it off!!!!!!! Think first............. J

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