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The Gulik Honeymoon '94: Spain, Morocco, Tenerife

Our "official" honeymoon was originally to be a week in the south of Spain, in the city of Malaga. While booking the trip, I was offered a great deal on a week on the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. If you don't know where they are, they're off the North-West coast of Africa and are part of Spain, or click here to see a map.

While in Malaga, we visited several of the spectacular Spanish cities nearby. We also dropped by Gibraltar (currently owned by the UK), and took a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco.

This trip took place in 1994, but I started putting this page together in 1999. I moved twice during that time, so some of the pictures seem to be missing. Hopefully they'll turn up, in which case they'll be put on-line. Some of the best pictures are missing, mostly from Tenerife and our visit to the volcano and out to sea to frolic with some Sperm Whales.

The following are links to some excellent web sites with more information about these sights:

Malaga - The Wikipedia article with more info about the city of Malaga including a lot of historical information.
Malaga Spain Travel Guide - This site has further information about the sites in Malaga as well as the surrounding areas.

Video is now available of the trip to see the Sperm Whales in Tenerife:

I recently came across the old video from the trip and found some video of the visit to the Volcano taken by the tour operator complete with cheezy soundtrack. It's mildly amusing:

Malaga: The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the southern coast of Spain has a lot of history.
Viewed: 294 times.

Malaga: Lily is waiting at the entrance to the to the Alcazaba, the fortress built on the top of the hill overlooking the city, with a view of the coast.
Viewed: 373 times.

Malaga: And there's me climbing the steep hill.
Viewed: 407 times.

Malaga: This model shows how large the fortress is.
Viewed: 451 times.

Malaga: Inside the Alcazaba is a museum of artifacts from as far back as the 11th century, when the fortress was built.
Viewed: 470 times.

Malaga: Another room full of cool old pottery.
Viewed: 262 times.

Malaga: I have no idea what this is, but I'm sure it's important. And there's Lily looking oh so cool in her bright red cap.
Viewed: 419 times.

Malaga: Although it's a fortress, it doesn't mean it can't be nice.
Viewed: 228 times.

Malaga: The fortress is large, and has many walkways between sections which were probably built at different times.
Viewed: 226 times.

Malaga: In the middle of this fortress is this really nice garden.
Viewed: 221 times.

Malaga: Since it's high up on a hill, the view of the harbor and sea is breathtaking.
Viewed: 247 times.

Malaga: Next to the fortress is this awesome old amphitheatre.
Viewed: 255 times.

Malaga: Near the Alcazaba was this government building with some great architecture.
Viewed: 241 times.

Malaga: This art museum is in the old part of town, supposedly near Pablo Picasso's place of birth. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside.
Viewed: 164 times.

Córdoba: Lily stands on the Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir River into Cordoba
Viewed: 259 times.

Córdoba: This old water wheel seems out of place since the river has silted up. Hundreds of years ago it was a much larger river than now.
Viewed: 206 times.

Córdoba: Unfortunately the tower over the Mosque of Córdoba was being renovated, but you can still get an idea how amazing it is.
Viewed: 211 times.

Córdoba: A nice example of local Spanish architecture.
Viewed: 216 times.

Córdoba: One of the many monuments around the city.
Viewed: 166 times.

Córdoba: A street scene.
Viewed: 190 times.

Córdoba: This is the detail of the entrance to the Mosque-Cathedral.
Viewed: 196 times.

Córdoba: Nice arched hallway into the Mosque-Cathedral.
Viewed: 257 times.

Córdoba: Known as the Mosque of a 1000 columns, there are obviously a LOT of columns in there.
Viewed: 301 times.

Córdoba: And here is a closeup of one of the columns.
Viewed: 363 times.

Ronda: Ronda is a small town in the south of Spain. Its claim to fame is a huge bridge over a deep gorge that was an architecture marvel in its day.
Viewed: 191 times.

Ronda: The bridge is still quite amazing, especially when watching workers hanging over the side restoring it.
Viewed: 179 times.

Ronda: Since we got there just as siesta started, we managed to get some bread, pastries and Fanta and sat at one of these cutouts in the bridge wall and enjoyed the view over lunch.
Viewed: 271 times.

Gibraltar: We're on the rock of Gibraltar. True to it's name, it's just that, a big rock.
Viewed: 277 times.

Gibraltar: Another view of the rock. On the right is the Mediterranean, and you can almost make out Africa.
Viewed: 289 times.

Gibraltar: Gibraltar used to be a English fortress. Here we are at the top where checking out the canons. In the background you can see Spain.
Viewed: 288 times.

Gibraltar: Here is one of the famous monkeys of Gibraltar. As long as the Barberry Apes are still on the rock, the British will still rule Gibraltar. When the monkeys were dying off, they had fresh ones imported from Africa.
Viewed: 259 times.

Gibraltar: The monkeys are quite used to people.
Viewed: 549 times.

Gibraltar: Watch that monkey, he's eyeing Lily's hat.
Viewed: 444 times.

Spain: On the way back from Gibraltar, we saw large fields of windmills for generating power.
Viewed: 201 times.

Tangier: Our visit to Tangier, Morocco begins by meeting our guide.
Viewed: 192 times.

Tangier: We first tour the city and take in the architecture.
Viewed: 227 times.

Tangier: We then arrive in the center of town and head for the Kasbah.
Viewed: 219 times.

Tangier: The center of town has all the shops you expect in a large city.
Viewed: 233 times.

Tangier: Yes, even including this one where we picked up a couple rugs.
Viewed: 245 times.

Tangier: Kasbah is Moroccan for Castle, this one overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. You can see Spain across the Straight of Gibraltar.
Viewed: 198 times.

Tangier: The Kasbah is filled with touristy things to see, including this snake charmer.
Viewed: 277 times.

Tangier: Yes boys and girls, that's a real Cobra. And there is no glass between us and the snake!
Viewed: 273 times.

Tangier: Nothing to worry about, this snake isn't poisonous.
Viewed: 264 times.

Tangier: Where there are tourists, there are the inevitable people selling trinkets.
Viewed: 305 times.

Tangier: After the Kasbah we sit down for an authentic Moroccan lunch. A whole lot more than couscous! Yummy!
Viewed: 327 times.

Tangier: We were entertained by musicians playing traditional Moroccan tunes. These guys rock the Kasbah! (Sorry, had to get that in somehow!)
Viewed: 230 times.

Tangier: No meal would be complete without a belly dancer!
Viewed: 234 times.

Tangier: After lunch we explored some more. These is a side street in what looks like a residential area.
Viewed: 199 times.

Tangier: But before we go, Lily had to pose with this Camel. We also picked up a couple Fezes from his friend.
Viewed: 213 times.

Tenerife: By the time we got to Tenerife, we were pretty tired so we spent most of the time just kicking back and relaxing on our balcony.
Viewed: 232 times.

Tenerife: Since it's a fairly young volcanic island, there are eruptions every few years. For some reason, this tree was spared an estimated 3000 years of lava flows.
Viewed: 265 times.

Tenerife: There was a nice wine & cheese shop near the big tree, so guess what we had for dinner that night.
Viewed: 219 times.

Tenerife: We took an all day trip to the crater of the volcano and for a catamaran trip to see some whales.
Viewed: 286 times.

Tenerife: One of the more interesting lava flows on the island. This one formed somewhat in the shape of a rose.
Viewed: 175 times.

Tenerife: The higher up the mountain the less vegetation. Here we took a break with Mount Teide, the highest peak on Tenerife in the background.
Viewed: 161 times.

Tenerife: As we get closer to the top, the landscape becomes rockier. The crater has been used for movies and TV shows as a moonscape.
Viewed: 163 times.

Tenerife: Once inside the crater, there are cool lava formations like this.
Viewed: 172 times.

Tenerife: The rest of the crater is flat plain of cooled lava.
Viewed: 141 times.

Tenerife: The only picture I've been able to find (so far) of our trip a few miles off the coast where a family of Sperm Whales lives year round. These whales eventually go right up to the boat where we could almost pet them.
Viewed: 148 times.

Tenerife: After we visit the crater we go to the coast and board a catamaran to visit the local family of Sperm Whales. That's Lily hiding under the towel.
Viewed: 168 times.

Tenerife: Once we get a couple miles out we spot the whales in the distance.
Viewed: 121 times.

Tenerife: As they get closer to us, we see there is a large family of them.
Viewed: 170 times.

Tenerife: The whales frequently popped out of the water to get a better look at us. Sometimes they would swim upside down at the surface so their eyes would be out of the water.
Viewed: 205 times.

Tenerife: They made repeated passes past and under the boat.
Viewed: 176 times.

Tenerife: Afterwards we sailed into a cove and swam in the warm and incredibly clear water.
Viewed: 245 times.

Tenerife: On the way back to port we take in some of the cliffs that make up the coast on that part of the island. Any beaches on the island are made from sand imported from the Sahara Desert.
Viewed: 141 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: The major tourist attraction on the island is Loro Parque (Parrot Park). They made us take this goofy train from town to the park.
Viewed: 165 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: The park is a small zoo, mostly birds. These were the most interesting, but I don't know what they are yet.
Viewed: 172 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: My favorite part was the Dolphin show.
Viewed: 181 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: More Dolphin tricks.
Viewed: 183 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: And still more...
Viewed: 228 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: Oh yeah, there were some parrots here too.
Viewed: 148 times.

Loro Parque, Tenerife: Another colorful parrot.
Viewed: 153 times.

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