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This aquarium is **SOLD**. Due to my travel schedule in the coming months I had to get rid of the fishtank. The contents will be frozen for a while. The live screen shots won't be updated and the live video obviously won't work any more.

Current water conditions:
Chart: day week

It's been a while but I'm finally getting around to doing more with this page. All the pictures of the current aquarium residents are fairly new. The only current residents are a Desjardin Tang and a pair of Percula Clownfish. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized version of the photo.

I recently installed an AquaController II system to monitor my aquarium. Current graphs of the data are shown above.


I added a Red Sea Desjardin Tang in December 2000. Within a couple weeks I noticed that the fish's beautiful fins were starting to "deteriorate". Notice the pictures below. The first picture was taken only a couple days after I got the fish.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do to correct the condition.

The latest diagnosis is that this fish is suffering from Lateral Line Disease and Hold in Head Syndrome. Fortunately those are treatable and treatment has begun. Cross your fingers.
Click on thumbnail for a full-size picture

The latest resident is this Red Sea Desjardin Tang (I think) added in 12/2000.
Viewed: 343 times.

In this recent (1/2001) picture you can see significant deterioration of the fins.
Viewed: 357 times.

This latest (4/2001) picture shows major fin and scale damage.
Viewed: 636 times.

Percula Clowns 28.8K RealVideo stream
Viewed: 582 times.
1.5MB QuickTime video
Aquarium-Cam Live Video Stream
Click on thumbnail for a full-size picture

Live shot of the tank. There might not be much to see if the light is off.
Viewed: 760 times.

A recent shot of the entire tank. Not a spectacular setup, but works for me for now.
Viewed: 1,265 times.

Closeup shot of one of the Percula Clowns
Viewed: 402 times.

Another nice shot of both Percula Clowns
Viewed: 484 times.

The latest resident is this Red Sea Desjardin Tang (I think) added in 12/2000.
Viewed: 343 times.

I did't realize how it would blend with my live rock when I saw it in the store..
Viewed: 258 times.

So far everyone seems to be getting along.
Viewed: 362 times.

One of the Blue-legged Hermit Crabs I just got to help clear up my algae problem.
Viewed: 471 times.

Another shot of one of the hermit crabs.
Viewed: 323 times.

The best shot I've been able to get so far of one of the snails that I bought along with the hermit crabs to deal with my algae.
Viewed: 376 times.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this weird critter in my tank. I don't know where it came from, but a book I have says this is a Spaghetti Worm.
Viewed: 976 times.

This shot shows how large the tentacles are. They seem to be able to extend about 6 inches.
Viewed: 599 times.

Mystery Critters...

I think this thing on the glass is a young limpet.
Viewed: 588 times.

I'm not sure but this might be a Feather Duster. If you know for sure please contact me.
Viewed: 860 times.

I think this pink worm is a Bristleworm but if not please contact me.
Viewed: 1,165 times.

I think this white ball is a sponge.
Viewed: 846 times.

Old pictures, mostly previous residents. R.I.P.
Pseudochromis 28.8K RealVideo stream
1.8MB QuickTime video
Orange-Spotted Goby 28.8K RealVideo stream
5.3MB QuickTime video
Arrow Crab 28.8K RealVideo stream
780KB QuickTime video

A closeup shot of my Pseudochromis, one of the few times he comes out of his hiding place.
Viewed: 256 times.

They normally avoid each other, but here is the Pseudochromis and my Percula Clowns
Viewed: 437 times.

My Orange-spotted Goby hanging out in the sand
Viewed: 382 times.

My Orange-spotted Goby with a face full of sand
Viewed: 373 times.

On 6/3/1999 I added an Arrow Crab to my tank. He's very shy and hiding behind some rocks.
Viewed: 326 times.

Another slightly better shot. I'll post more once I get better shots.
Viewed: 370 times.

An even better shot now that he's not so shy any more.
Viewed: 381 times.

The following are some REALLY old pictures...

Here is a slightly fuzzy shot of one of the two Percula Clown fish
Viewed: 196 times.

Now this is just an awful picture of the Blue Damsel. I had to manipulate the image a lot just to make it show up in the blue background.
Viewed: 370 times.

The very colorful Royal Gramma
Viewed: 377 times.

A decent shot of my Arrow Crab
Viewed: 250 times.

Here one of the Clowns is hanging out with the Cleaner Wrasse
Viewed: 223 times.

Here the one big happy family (well, 4 of them at least) all hanging out in one corner.
Viewed: 551 times.

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