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Greg's 2002 Volvo V70 XC

Everyone who knows me couldn't help but comment on the fact that I fist sold both my Porsches and then bought a Volvo. All I can say in response is, at least it's not a minivan.

That said it's really a nice car and will easily hold my mountain bike or snowboard AND the wife and two kids, at the same time. I would never have considered a Volvo station wagon if I didn't get one as a rental car a couple years ago where I was very pleasantly surprised by just how much stuff you can cram in the back, plus how well it drove and handled. Not only is this my first station wagon but my first car with all wheel drive and a turbo. Not my first Swedish car however.

Latest: This car is now SOLD. Click here for the latest details and tons of current pictures of the car.

After a long dry spell I finally picked up another Porsche. This time with a back seat so I can still take the kids with me.

Despite the troubles in the auto industry John and I continued our annual tradition and attended the First Look for Charity for the 2009 Chicago Auto show.

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Greg's Volvo V70 XC
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larry polster
02-Sep-2006 00:14
Greg...emailed you about the Galapagos photos...we just returned from Sweden, we drove our new 2007 XC90 around Norway and Germany...it's on a ship coming this way. Ran the autobahn in Germany at 110 mph continuously, solid as a rock, but they must have a chip that prevents it from going over 120 mph, that was is all I could get out of it.

Great SUV, like it better than the Lincoln Aviator I got rid of...


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