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Greg's Yellow Boxster History

Order Timeline
Ordered ItSupposedly BuiltDrove it home!
April 9, 1998June 4, 1998July 28, 1998
Thanks for visiting my Porsche Boxster site. Check back often as I add more and more information about the Porsche Boxster.

New Porsche 996, September 8, 2007 - After a long break I finally have a new Porsche. This time it's a 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera.

2009 Chicago Auto Show - First Look For Charity - February 12, 2009 - Despite the trouble in the auto industry John and I kept up our tradition and attended the First Look for Charity event at the Chicago Auto Show. We expected the worst but it wasn't bad. I missed Porsche which was the only good size manufacturer missing from the show.

2006 Chicago Auto Show - First Look For Charity - February 9, 2006 - This is getting to be a regular annual thing for John and I. Cars and free food and booze are all it takes for us to dress up and go.

2005 Chicago Auto Show - First Look For Charity - February 10, 2005 - After doing a "regular" Auto Show visit last year I decided that the Charity Preview is definitely the way to go. Smaller crowds, more access to the cars and free food. What's not to like?

2004 Chicago Auto Show - February 15, 2004 - Select pictures of what I found most interesting at the Chicago Auto Show. Nothing new from Porsche this year but plenty of interesting cars anyway.

This car has been SOLD! - Due mostly to a changing family size I reluctantly sold this car. I am now shopping for something with back seats big enough for a kid or two. Click on the link to see my FOR SALE ad on Autotrader.

2003 Chicago Auto Show - Charity Preview - February 13, 2003 - Select pictures of what I found most interesting at the Chicago Auto Show. Porsche content: Chevy Cheyenne, um, eh, I mean Porsche Cayenne. I always get those two confused. 8^)

Porsche Baby Seat - Pictures of the Porsche Convertible Car Seat as installed in my Boxster. The installation was done by a dealer and is not something you could do at home.

American Le Mans Series - Road America - July 7, 2002 - Tons of pictures of the American Le Mans Series innagural race at Road America! The only thing this has to do with the Boxster is that is what I drove to the race in. 8^)

Gingerman Raceway - April 13, 2001 - The 911 has been in the shop all winter and wasn't ready in time for this event so I took the Boxster out for a spin. It was a test & tune even which gave me an opportunity to get my brain reaquainted with driving on the track.

Utica Raceway Autocross - September 17, 2000 - One last Porsche driving event before the season is over. A good time was had by all at this go-kart track that is shutting down at the end of the season.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway - September 13, 2000 - The 911 was in the body shop so I took my "spare" Porsche to the it's first track event in quite some time. Had a good time but the street tires drove me nuts!

My First Concours - My first concours at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

My First Autocross - My first autocross at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois.

Rear Speaker Installation - Documentation on how to easily and inexpensively install rear speakers in your Boxster to dramatically improve the sounds quality.

Head-to-Head Comparison of the Boxster vs. the 1988 911 I just bought. Wondering how the Boxster compares to a 12 year old 911? Then this is the page for you! I get asked this so often that I wanted to figure it out for myself anyway!

Hacks now on-line. There are only a couple there now, nothing different, just slightly alternate ways of doing common hacks.

My Yellow Boxster now has an older brother - On June 24, 1999 I picked up a 1988 911 Carrera Coupe. I'm starting to dread the wear and tear I'm putting on my Boxster on the track, so I will start using the 911 on the track more often and try to save the Boxster for nice sunny days cruising around town.

PCA Chicago Drivers Education at Gingerman Raceway - Lily and I headed for a weekend of driving at Gingerman in South Haven, Michigan. The turnout was pretty small, so we got quite a lot of track time, 2.5 hours per day! Plus, the occasional rain taught us a few lessons in controlling the car on a very slick surface. I managed to not spin the car all weekend. Lily wasn't so lucky, she spun twice, including a 1.5 turn spin in corner 11. Ouch!

Lapping Days at Gingerman Raceway 5/27/1999 - John and I heading out to South Haven, Michigan for a Lapping Days event sponsored by Race Partners, now part of Best Racing. It was great! Only about 11 cars showed up, so we had all the track time we wanted. The disadvantage of that was that we wore out our brake pads quite quickly!

Upgrade to 17" Boxster wheels - I finally wore out my original Yokohama AVS S-1 tires so I decided to at the same time upgrade to 17" Boxster wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires. The original 16" wheels have been SOLD.

Driver's Education at Blackhawk Farms 5/1/1999 & 5/2/1999 - My wife and I spent the weekend at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Rockton, Illinois. This was a PCA Chicago sponsored Driver's Education event. We both had a great time and the Boxster ran beautifully. I did talk to other Boxster owners and they seemed to have far fewer problems with sliding around a turn with their Pirelli P-Zeros than I did with my Yokohamas. I think I'm going to have to get some new tires for the next event. The harnesses turned out great! I'm really glad I installed those. I found it a lot easier to control the car if you're not constantly bracing yourself to stay in the seat. I will have pictures, as well as some in-car video on-line in the next few days.

Chicago Boxster Gathering 4/17/1999 - A group of Boxster owners gathered at MotorWerks in Barrington, Illinois to talk about Boxsters. There are some pictures from the event posted here.

New Pictures - I had a 6 point Sabelt harness installed in my Boxster since I plan to take it to the track several times this season. There are pictures of the installed harness available in the Snapshots section. While the car was on the lift I took some long overdue pictures of the bottom of the car. The pictures of the underside of the car are also in the Snapshots section.

Stereo Upgrades:
I replaced the in-dash speakers today with MB Quart 4" 2-way speakers and it sounds MUCH better. I had only the standard pair of speakers in the dash and the Becker CD player. I have no speakers in the doors or elsewhere.

The highs are MUCH crisper, and the lows are definitely there, but there is only so much you can do with 4" speakers.

I had this done at Abt Electronics in Morton Grove, IL. This is the first Boxster they had done. They quoted me an hour of labor, but that ended up being about three hours. They fabricated a way to install the 4" speakers in the 4.5" opening, yet the speakers and their big magnets had to fit into that tight space.

The end result is the look is EXACTLY stock, but the sounds is much richer. Depending how much I miss the still lacking bass, I may go with an AMP and either door speakers or the TechArt real speaker panel.

The Goofy Things People Say:
"I like your car!" - various women hanging out of moving cars
"How much did it cost? - some rude cab driver
"I'd love a car like that, but I have 6 kids" - some guy at the airport, "With 6 kids, you NEED a car like this!" - me
"Wow, that's yellow" - about every third person that sees it
"Mommy! Mommy! I like that car!" - some 5 year old to her mother in a parking lot

Great Drives!
Car & Driver's Great Roads in Illinois
Sheridan Road - It's ok for a couple miles, way too many cops! Click here for more details and my review.
Please let me know if you know of other especially scenic or fun drives within a reasonable drive of Chicago.

Technical Info:
Full details available on the official Porsche web site

Information about Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins is available for 1997 and 1998 from ALLDATA. 1999 info doesn't appear to be available yet.

Other Cars:
My other car is getting jealous of the attention given to the Boxster, so please see my site for my other car.
My wife has a Nissan Maxima, but that car isn't interesting enough to warrant a web site.

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