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Greg's 2004 Porsche 996

After a couple rough Porsche-less years I picked up a 2004 996 Carrera. I found the car listed on eBay and after agreeing on a price I flew to Denver to check out and buy the car. The car was exactly as described by the seller, except he didn't know the car had a Fabspeed exhaust as well as a short shift kit, both big plusses in my opinion.

Color: L6B4 Seal Grey Metallic

Factory installed options: CO2 Equipped with catalytic converter | XAA Aero Kit | 030 Sport Suspension | 226 ??? | 288 Headlight Washers | 411 Front plate | 490 Hi/Fi Sound System | 554 ??? | 601 Litronic Headlights

Other goodies: Fabspeed Sport Muffler | Short Shift Kit | PSS9 Suspension

Gingerman DE - September 21, 2014: Open track event at Gingerman. About 10 guys with the track all day sounds great, right? Unfortunately the weather didn't co-operate.

GT-3 Style Steering Wheel: I never liked the wood grain steering wheel this car came with and the update to an Alcantra covered GT-3 style wheel was LONG overdue.

Blackhawk Farms DE - July 11, 2014: PCA Driver Ed event at Blackhawk Farms near Rockford. Weather was decent, there was a little drizzle early afternoon but nothing enough to slow us down. My lap times were ok but I don't believe I improved over my last time, which was about 2 years ago.

Gingerman DE - September 21, 2013: PCA Driver Ed event at Gingerman Raceway near South Haven, Michigan with the PCA Rally Sport Region. Weather was decent, turnout pretty low so very little traffic issues and lap times improved a bit over last time.

Autobahn DE - June 17, 2013: PCA Driver Ed event at Autobahn Country Club running the full track. Every time I come back my lap times improve significantly.

New Car: Tesla Model S: Technically we ordered this car before the LEAF but it took longer to arrive. Continuing our move to to much more energy efficient cars.

New Car: Nissan LEAF: Yes, we traded in the Mercedes E350 for a 2013 Nissan LEAF. We slowly but surely going to go all electric, except the Porsche, that will likely end up being our old fossil fuel powered car.

First Look For Charity - Chicago Auto Show - February 8, 2013: John and I continued our tradition of visiting the Chicago Auto Show on the First Look for Charity night. A good time as always but moving the event to Friday night seems to have hurt attendence.

Autobahn DE - June 13, 2011: PCA Driver Ed event at Autobahn Country Club running the full track. Only my second full day here and perfect this weather this time. MUCH better lap times.

Blackhawk Farms DE - October 2-3, 2010: PCA Driver Ed event at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. A bit drizzly in the morning but it cleared up nicely and we had plenty of dry track the whole weekend.

Gingerman DE - July 31, 2010: PCA Driver Ed event at Gingerman Raceway. It was a two day event but I was only able to attend the Saturday session.

Autobahn DE - June 14, 2010: PCA Driver Ed event at Autobahn Country Club running the full track. It was my first full day at this track (the one session I ran the previous year doesn't really count).

Despite the troubles in the auto industry John and I continued our annual tradition and attended the First Look for Charity for the 2009 Chicago Auto show.

Dension IceLink Gateway 500 - April 1, 2008: Ok I confess, I paid someone to install it for me but I'm so excited about it that I have to share. I probably could have done it myself but with two small kids spare time is at a premium.

Replace Ignition Switch - October 28, 2007: One of the very annoying things that happen all too often is the ignition switch breaking and making it difficult to turn or even remove the key. Although hard to get to it only took me about an hour to do it with simple tools.

Clear Marker Lights - September 28, 2007: Probably the easiest hack possible. Requires less than 5 minutes and the only tools necessary are a pair of hands.

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Greg's 2004 Porsche 996
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Tim in N FL
21-Dec-2008 22:42
Curious how you are enjoying the 996 experience?  I have a good friend who is trying to decide between a 996, 997, and a few other high-end sport coupes in which he can safely carry the twins his wife is expecting along with his wife, of course.  I am curious if you are able to fit a stroller in the trunk (single or double model)?  Also, what model child seat(s) have you used?  Do you know of any rear-facing seats for infants that will fit in the 930, 996, 997?

I own a '87 Coupe and am retrofitting the 3-point belts from the '88+ era Carrera into my car so I can carry our 6-year-old safely in the back seat.

Really have enjoyed reading about your Porsche experiences,  "hacks" and other fun things (Air Combat USA!).

Cheers and thanks in advance,

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