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Greg's Dark Blue 911

On June 24, 1999 I purchased a 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe with only 97K miles! Of course, with any new "baby", I must post many pictures of him (her?) on my web page.

I moved a lot of the pictures that used to be on this page to separate pages in the hacks and track sections. If you can't find what you're looking for here, try those two sections.


New Porsche 996, September 8, 2007 - After a long break I finally have a new Porsche. This time it's a 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera.

This car has been SOLD! - Due mostly to a changing family size I reluctantly sold this car. I am now shopping for something with back seats big enough for a kid or two. Click on the link to see my FOR SALE ad on Autotrader.

Blackhawk Farms - July 10, 2002: The weather was perfect for a change at Blackhawk Farms. Once again with PCA Chicago Region. Unfortunately mechanical problems shortened my day.

Road America - May 25-26, 2002: Wet and cold? Of course it's a track event at Road America. Once again with PCA Chicago Region. A very cold, wet and frustrating experience.

Blackhawk Farms - September 28, 2001: Always a great time at Blackhawk Farms. This time with PCA Milwaukee Region. Fortunately the Hotlap was working properly this time so I knew my lap times had improved significantly.

Blackhawk Farms - August 15, 2001: Another great time Blackhawk Farms. Once again with PCA Chicago Region. I don't know how well I did but I still had a great time.

Rebuilt motor and upgraded brakes: At the end of 2000 I found the motor was not quite the same as well as burning a lot of oil. Eventually the motor got a complete rebuild and is better than ever!

Road America - May 26-27, 2001: It wouldn't be Road America if it wasn't cold, wet and miserable. Once again with PCA Chicago Region. The good news is that I knocked several seconds off my previous best time.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway - May 9, 2001: More frustration at Blackhawk Farms, once again with PCA Chicago Region. Only had one good session, in my car, but got to drive Jason's 993. Very nice!

Grattan Raceway - September 9-10, 2000: This is my first time at Grattan Raceway as well as with Western Michigan Region PCA. Jason and Jeremy joined me for another fun weekend at the track.

Road America - September 3-4, 2000: Another cold, wet but fun event at Road America, once again with PCA Chicago Region. This time Lily joined in and drove the Boxster!

Gingerman Raceway - August 28, 2000: More car control practice at Gingerman Raceway, this time with a new group for me CGI Motorsports. I didn't better my best lap time but I did get a lot of practice spinning! Yowza!

Blackhawk Farms Raceway - August 16, 2000: Yet more car abuse at Blackhawk Farms, once again with PCA Chicago Region. Only improved my lap times slightly but had a good time anyway.

DAS Rollbar - July 31, 2000: Find out the trials and tribulations of trying to get a DAS bolt-in rollbar to work in an '88 911 with Recaro SRDs. Not fun.

930S Steering Wheel and Dead Pedal - July 27, 2000: My latest quick improvements to my car. I installed a 930S steering wheel because it's slightly smaller in diameter than the stock steering wheel and has a better feel. I recently updated this upgrade with a spacer to position it further from the dashboard. I also installed a dead pedal for increased driving comfort.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway - July 12, 2000: Finally some decent weather at Blackhawk Farms, once again with PCA Chicago Region. Got to pick up quite a bit more speed than my previous time here. I think the highlight of my day was seeing a Lotus Elise up close.

Gingerman Racway - June 10-11, 2000: Back to Gingerman, this time with PCA Chicago Region. Lots of fun was had by all. Good thing at least one of the two days was without rain so we were able to get tires up to temperature and have some fun.

Road America - May 26-28, 2000: Back to Road America, this time with PCA Chicago Region. Lots of fun and a large amount of track time especially considering the poor weather much of the weekend.

Gingerman Raceway - April 8, 2000: My first event for the season at Gingerman Raceway. Lily, Jason and Jeremy also attended this really fun event. Ever wonder how well a 911 with A032Rs handles on ice and snow? The track was hit with some snow and below freezing temperatures the night before the event. It nearly got cancelled but we ended up having a good time anyway!

Recaro Seats - March 7, 2000: I'm in the process of installing some Recaro SRD seats to replace the original seats. My original seats were getting worn plus since they are full power are VERY heavy. The SRDs weight about 30lbs each but the original seats weigh about 60lbs each! That's a savings of 60lbs when I replace both seats.

Gingerman Raceway - November 6, 1999: My last event for the season at Gingerman Raceway. Lily and Jason also attended this really fun event. I also added some great pictures taken by a friend of a friend who was also at the event.

Road America - October 16 & 17, 1999: My first time at Road America! After hearing about this track for so long I finally got to drive there. I was not disappointed!

Blackhawk Farms - October 9, 1999: Another track event. This time Lily joined myself and Jason. She drove my Boxster this time. I recently added some more video of the crashed car I had lying around.

More upgrades: Upgraded the front brakes and installed a front chin spoiler. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info.

Blackhawk Farms - September 16, 1999: Latest track event with the 911. Read about how it went including many pictures and some video.

You can also visit the page about this 911's younger brother the 1999 Porsche Boxster. Curious how the 911 compares to the Boxster? Check out my new head-to-head comparison page.

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How the car looked when I bought it.
Viewed: 840 times.

How the car looks now.
Viewed: 975 times.

How the car looks now after removing the tinted windows.
Viewed: 763 times.

Back of car outside. Ooh, I think I need to retake it.
Viewed: 422 times.

Left-front, the car's best side.
Viewed: 486 times.

The Porsche family home together.
Viewed: 635 times.

Shot of the engine compartment.
Viewed: 469 times.

Front suspension.
Viewed: 312 times.

Under the rear of the car. Grant is pointing at the modified exhaust.
Viewed: 519 times.

A shot of the exhaust system.
Viewed: 292 times.

Yet another view of the back of the car.
Viewed: 351 times.

What the heck, I took the picture, might as well put it up.
Viewed: 394 times.

The previous owner had already modified the airbox and put in a K&N air filter.
Viewed: 236 times.

The previous owner powder coated and polished the Fuchs.
Viewed: 397 times.
Here is some cheezy video of me walking around the car, including audio so you can hear the car idling.
QuickTime Movie - Approx. 1.7M
RealVideo - 56K modem or faster stream (24 seconds)
Getting the car ready for the track

I put on some stone guards to prevent the inevitable stone chips in this area, plus they look cool.
Viewed: 378 times.

Must protect the mirrors as well.
Viewed: 331 times.

Before the chin-spoiler the car felt unstable at high speeds.
Viewed: 255 times.

Afterwards it was quite a bit more stable.
Viewed: 325 times.

Also installed cooling ducts to keep my rotors from warping again.
Viewed: 405 times.

I thought that cross-drilled rotors will solve my rotor warping problems by allowing for better cooling. Sure enough, the rotors didn't warp but they did crack after only a few driver ed events! I talked to my mechanic about that and he still recommends OEM rotors. The only cross-drilled rotors available for my car are ones that are actually drilled. All cross-drilled rotors from Porsche had the holes cast in, not drilled. Unfortunately none of those were made in a size for my car.

Upgraded the front rotors to cross-drilled for better stopping.
Viewed: 412 times.

So much for cross-drilled rotors.
Viewed: 662 times.

Back to OEM rotors.
Viewed: 485 times.

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Greg's Dark Blue 911
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09-May-2009 13:26
HI did you resolve this cutting out problem
02-Apr-2008 07:49
Roland, email me with your findings..
much appreciated
02-Apr-2008 07:46
hi roland.
i got the same problem.
as you describe it.
did you find help?
let me know.
31-Dec-2006 17:30
This is not a comment but more of a plea for help.My mechanics are stumped. I have a 1991 911 turbo with an intermittent stalling problem. It will stall at 20mph or 70 or 80. The car rolls to a stop and although it cranks it will not restart. After a few minutes it cranks and then starts.
This happens VERY intermittently, once a month, once every two months.
Very frustrating and no answers forthcoming.
Would appreciate suggestions.

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